Rand Athletic Club (RAC)

Rand Athletic Club (RAC) is the biggest and one of the oldest clubs in the country with a membership of close to 1 500 runners and walkers. It is a club known for its rich running tradition and its huge attendance at time trial evenings; about 500 runners gather at the clubhouse every Tuesday evening to partake in the TT. Over the years, many well-known faces and talented runners have been part of this club, which started way back in 1972.

You can keep in contact with RAC in a number of ways. On this website you will find the club’s contact page, past newsletters, the club-run roster, the club-run maps (work in progress), the all-important license and renewal forms, as well as some snippets to read.

In addition, and for more dynamic content, we use Facebook and Twitter.

Our Twitter name is @randathletic

Facebook group is: RAC – Rand Athletic Club.

Facebook and Twitter are a great place to get instant feedback. If, for example,  you’re looking for an early morning training group, the social media platforms are a good place to start.

We also have a small, but growing, presence on Pinterest and Instagram.

The Instagram photos you see here are random and filtered through the tag #running.